Are you thinking to learn professional make-up or hair or making a career switch or simply to pick up a skill!


Personal Makeup

1 tutor to 1 student

Course Fee: $200

Duration: 4 hours*

Yen Artistry Makeup Studio

Course Information

1. Foundation application

  • Selection of own base tones
  • Individual concealing needs

2. Recognising of own features

  • Shading and highlighting
  • Blusher application

3. Make-up corrective

  • Reshaping of own eyebrow
  • Reshaping of own lip shape
  • Reshaping of own eye shape (using surgical eye tape & false-lashes)

4. Analysis of colouring

  • Proper colour co-ordination & combination

5. Different Make-up Looks

  • Day & Night leisure make-up

Tips will also be given on :

  • Common make-up mistakes
  • Quick and effective change from day to evening make-up
  • Latest make-up trends


Professional Makeup

This is a customised course based on individual student needs.
• Beginner
• Advance

Course Fee: 

Duration: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

(1-hour lunch)



Course Information


  • Essential makeup tools and how to use them.
  • Basic pre-makeup skincare.
  • Trimming of eyebrows to complement face shape
  • Types of foundation and techniques in applying foundation
  • How to draw eyeliner and apply mascara
  • How to apply blusher
  • Reshaping of lips and use of lipstick
  • Applying eye shadow using

Advance (For example, to be discuss):

  • Natural
  • Smokey
  • Double eyelid adjustment

Bridal Hairstyling

Course Fee: $

Duration: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

(1-hour lunch)


Course Information

What You Can Learn? Some examples:

  • Introduction of hair styling tools and basic understanding.
  • Technique in hair blow, straighten, curler, perm rod, hot roller, etc.
  • Technique of back comb, apply bobbi pins, u pins, etc.
  • Technique in tying ponytails.
  • Technique in curls, waves, etc.
  • Technique in braids, simple updo based on braids and messy bun.
  • Bridal hairstyling in updo, half tie, etc.
  • Bridal hair veil, accessories, etc.
  • Guy styling


  • Lesson will be conduct by HMUA Felicia Ng
  • Lesson can be covered in both English and Chinese
  • Photography are allowed during the course. However, videography is strictly not allowed.
  • Students are required to bring own cosmetics and make-up tools.
  • Students are required to bring own hair tools.
  • Some cosmetics, hair tools and dummy head and hair tools will be providing for students to use during lesson only.
  • Application on real live model for professional makeup & bridal hairstyling (Student need to get own model)
  • Full payment is required for booking of the course. (Non-refundable)
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